A bit about us....

You're looking for a web design company, we're a web design company, it's a match made in heaven. Okay, so choosing a company to design, build, maintain and/or promote your site is not that easy. What makes us different?

For starters we've been running our own commercial websites since 2002. This gives us a unique insight into the needs, demands and challenges of running an online business today. We've learnt the hard way, by doing it ourselves.

We've also hired web design companies ourselves in the past, we've been in your shoes, we know the pitfalls. We love design but we won't put design above usability. We know the importance of speed, simplicity, ease of use and ensuring your site works just as brilliantly regardless of the browser or device it's being viewed on.

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  • Our Client

    Nobody knows your business like you do. We recognise that. Whilst we have lots of experience running our own websites for profit and can give lots of helpful advice, we don't assume we know best.

  • Our Designs

    We design sites to meet your requirements, not to win awards for ourselves. We won't compromise your business for the sake of our own egos.

  • Our Prices

    We're competitive on price and we think our charges are fair for the standard of our work. We'll be honest with you about costs - if your budget is not sufficient for what you would like to achieve we'll tell you and get creative to see if there's another way to achieve something similar at much lower costs.


The Key Players

Steve Clark


Steve or "brains" as we call him, is the genius behind everything we do (sorry, he wrote this bit).

Friendly and affable, he's a rare mix  of techy geek who can converse with 'normal' people, providing us with a link to the outside world.

Stevie G


No, not Stevie G, the Liverpool and England midfielder, this is our head developer and guru of all things technical.

Has been known to learn whole new programming languages just to solve one problem.


Lynch Pin

Say hello to Michelle, the glue that keeps the whole operation together, motivated and happy.

Michelle is a people person with an attitude so positive that it can, at times, be annoying.

Fancy a chat?

Grand Adventures Ltd, 6 Orchard Road, Assington, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 5NJ

Who are we?

Glad you asked! We design and build websites for small to medium businesses wherever they may be in the world, from single page sites to fully functional, database driven ecommerce sites.

Grand Adventures was born in 1998 as a software consultancy and has been building websites for ourselves and others since 2002.

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